FinaMill is a very high demand Spice Grinder, but no worries, we have reserved it for you until the countdown clock hits zero.
FinaMill is a very high demand spice grinder, but no worries, we have reserved it for you until the countdown clock hits zero.
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FinaMill - Award Winning Battery Operated Spice Grinder – Is Easy To Use With
One-Handed Operation. FinaMill Is A Must Have In All Kitchens.
FinaMill - Award Winning Battery Operated Spice Grinder – Is Easy To Use With One-Handed Operation.
FinaMill Is A Must Have In All Kitchens.


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  •  Love it! A help to busy Mums! ~TJ.
  • ​This product is great! So easy to use and to switch between different pods. It works very well. ~Gifti W.
  • ​I bought this on a whim and I am really glad I did. When it arrived I was very impressed with the design and the quality of the product. Being able to change the pods with one hand and have fresh ground spices handy is incredible. Fresh ground spices always make a huge difference in cooking. One thing I really like, since I am a messy cook, is that I can change the pods easily without two hands. It also makes cooking faster since I am not knocking around my spice drawer looking for things." ~Randall F.
  • I love how easy it is to use! It also has a little light that turns on underneath so you can see the spices come out. I love that I can interchange the pods so I can use all my spices that I like to cook with! Super easy to store as well! ~Bradley C
  • I bought the mill that has 2 pods included. I LOVE this easy to operate gadget! Just pick it up with one hand and grind at the touch of a button! ~Jane M.
  • ​I’m loving this product. The ease of changing the pods is so helpful. You Always have one hand free to meal prep or take photos like in my case, as I’m a food blogger. Love it!! ~Shashank


Bring A Professional Spice Grinder Into Your Kitchen

1 Spice Grinder + 2 FinaPods

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We designed FinaMill to provide years of reliable service. All you have to do is Select, Click, Grind and SAVOR.


  • ​ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Comfortable to hold, easy to operate.
  • LONG LASTING: High quality motor and gear box tuned for maximum output.
  • ​​RESISTANT: Heat and impact resistant design.
  • BPA FREE POD: The FinaPod is dedicated to one spice for pure flavor with no cross contamination.
  • FOOD SAFETY IS #1: FinaPods are manufactured in food grade certified factories.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: Some grinders use 6 batteries and still do not match our performance.
  • Most kitchen gadgets turn out to be worthless. The FinaMill is the best gadget I have ever owned. I have weak hand strength and can easily assemble, disassemble and use. I use mine for smoked rock salt. The original hand grind container is too hard for me to use. I am impressed with the design of the FinaMill grinder. Well worth every penny. ~S Bloom.
  • Your grinder is AWESOME! Thank you very much. I have used pepper grinders for over 40 years but nothing like this one! I love this grinder and how fast it is, and the interchangeable pods are amazing and easily adjustable to set the grind. I'm beginning to think about spices and spice combinations to use in this system. This grinder is a huge game changer for my joy of cooking. ~Ray T.

FinaMill is creating kitchen experiences usually reserved for those who have the time for professional training!


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